Techivation – T-De-Esser Pro v1.1.8 VST, VST3 x64


Techivation – T-De-Esser Pro v1.1.8 VST, VST3 x64

You want to overcome the limitations and make the brightest sounds clear and smooth, without artifacts. You want more control over hissing sounds. It’s time to update the way you clean up the high frequencies. Let T-De-Esser Pro fix any harshness and hiss in a whole new way. Forget the fear of lisps or artifacts when you have this powerful tool.

Designed for professionals:

T-De-Esser Pro has all the advanced standard features you need for professional sound. It uses advanced technology to help you greatly improve your sound quality. Less is more, so to avoid falling into the trap of endless tiny tweaks, we’ve made sure that only the basic options are available in the GUI. The available options are combined in such a way as to quickly give you a pleasing sound with just a few adjustments.

Common use:

Create and add a unique character to your sounds.
Make your vocal tracks sound bright and without harshness.
Glue your backing vocals together in the mix.
Create more depth in your mix by controlling the top of your tracks.
Prepare a more balanced mix for the audio mastering process by smoothing out high frequency sounds.
Control of loud sibilant consonants i.e. ‘s’, ‘z’, ‘ch’, ‘j’, soft ‘c’ and ‘sh’ in voice recordings or instrument tracking.
Make sure your reverbs fit better with the context of your mix.
Warm up drum parts without sacrificing overall power.
Clean up haze, boominess and proximity effects.

T-De-Esser Features Sidechain

Frequency Modes:
The Sidechain Frequency Modes include four specific sidechain frequency bands to detect harsh sounds.
Processor optimized
Well optimized for low CPU usage on both Windows and macOS.

Oversampling in T-De-Esser Pro helps reduce aliasing by running an internal process at a higher sample rate than the host, up to 16 times higher. (In other words, it will improve your audio quality.)

GUI Scale:
Scale the GUI from 80% to 150% to suit your preference.

Undo and redo:
Undo and redo options are built into the plugin, you no longer need to worry about losing settings values.

Mid/Side Mode:
The Mid/Side option in the T-De-Esser Pro allows you to process the center and side signals of a stereo track separately
This parameter balances the depth of processing between the left and right or middle and side channels, as determined by the stereo mode switch.

A/B Switch:
Compare different options quickly and easily to see which one might work best.

This feature allows you to quickly listen to the frequency range of a de-esser filter or simply the effect of a de-esser on your signal.

Look Ahead:
The Lookahead feature allows the de-esser to “see” the input signal before it is processed, allowing it to better process temporal information and make the attack smoother.

The “Mix” parameter controls the mixing of the two inputs and outputs, making it ideal for parallel processing.

Attack/Release Control:
The attack parameter determines how long it takes the de-esser to turn on, and the release parameter determines how long it takes to release it.

Custom frequency range:
This feature allows you to select your own high frequency range for more accurate results.

The saturation feature in T-De-Esser Pro adds a unique color and texture to the sound, helping the de-esser to smooth out the sound in some cases.

Saturation filter:
This option allows you to add saturation only to a specific selected high frequency range.

This is a very soft filter that can smooth out some harsh frequencies, resulting in a more pleasing sound when used in combination with a de-esser.

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