Fazertone – Overdrive Essentials [FIXED] v1.0.0 VST3 x64


Fazertone – Overdrive Essentials [FIXED] v1.0.0 VST3 x64

Artificial Intelligence Distortion Pedals: Get the authentic analog sound of nine legendary drive and fuzz pedals in one convenient plug-in. Modeled with our custom real-time neural networks.

The Overdrive Essentials plugin is a collection of popular analog distortion pedals modeled with our custom real-time neural networks. It’s an easy-to-use interface where you can choose between a variety of classic fuzzes, distortions and overdrives, from legendary 70s models to modern boutique sounds.

With nine different distortion pedals to choose from, Overdrive Essentials can help you find the perfect crunchy guitar tone, add character to synths, or simply add subtle warmth to drums and vocals.

For fine control, you can use the preamp knob to reduce more intense fuzz pedals, and the wet/dry knob is great for off-guitar use when you want to add a more subtle touch to the character.

8+1 distortion pedals in one plugin
Finding the right distortion is a never-ending quest, so we decided to put together a large collection so you can access a huge variety, rather than feel tied to a specific tone. After all, this is the advantage of built-in mixing – getting the best analog sound without limits.

The Nark: A
classic from the 70s, Nark has versatile distortion that can range from powerful grunge to light overdrive.

The Screamer:
If there is a gold standard for distortion pedals, this is the classic among the classics. Originally developed in the 70s to copy tube heating with solid state circuitry, it has since become one of the most widely used distortion pedals.

The Classic:
This pedal can be found in almost every pedal rack – it’s rough, reliable and powerful, and it’s behind the signature sound of countless rock bands.

The Ultra:
-For a more moderate overdrive sound, the Ultra is great, which has a warmer clipping circuitry rather than heavy distortion.

The Obsession:
This is a popular boutique pedal featuring a unique twist on the typical clipping pattern. In addition to warm tones that mimic tube overdrive, it features a bass/treble switch for added tonal flexibility.

The Big Fuzz:
Big, heavy, dirty – this quintessential ’70s pedal adds an unmistakable heap of fluffiness on both guitar and synth, and offers an amazing variety of tones when played with the knobs – from dark and muffled to creamy, almost violin-like.

the Arbiter:
One of the first fuzz pedals, this pedal was a favorite of Jimi Hendrix and featured a unique asymmetrical distortion. We recommend lowering the input gain and adjusting the amp settings, as it can be a wild beast to tame, but it can add incredibly rich harmonic tones to your guitar or other instruments.

Blues Overdrive:
As its namesake suggests, this pedal is ideal for blues as well as rock or anything that calls for a classic overdriven tube tone. Turn the knob up and you can go from subtle creamy amplification to a grainy grinding sound perfect for dirty blues.
The Klone:
​​We chose to include The Klone in Overdrive Essentials for ease of access and because we believe it has earned its place as an indispensable overdrive pedal.

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