Lussive Audio Screech Designer v1.01 KONTAKT


Lussive Audio Screech Designer v1.01 KONTAKT

35 Waveform sound sources with individual volume and pitch control
5 Custom sound layers for your own sounds (Tuned to C)
Pitch Envelope
6 Pitch Presets incl. Roar Mode
Master Low Pass Filter (Cutoff, Resonance, Attack, Decay)
Amplifier Envelope (Attack, Release)
Transient Designer
Mono / Stereo Enhancer
Reverb incl. Pre-Delay
LFO Pitch
LFO Filter
Destroy feature
4 Morph Modes including individual controls
Mod Wheel Destination Setup, 2 slots
30 Presets by A-lusion
System Requirements
This Kontakt Instrument requires Native Instruments Kontakt Full Edition 5.6 or newer. Works in any DAW and OS that supports Native Instruments Kontakt

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