Positive Grid – BIAS AMP 2 Pack + eXtended 2.2.10 1450 VSTi x64 NO INSTALL


Positive Grid – BIAS AMP 2 Pack + eXtended 2.2.10 1450 VSTi x64 NO INSTALL

can use Amp Match to clone the tone of real equipment or a guitar track. BIAS AMP 2 revolutionizes virtual amplifier design, providing the tools to take your finished guitar tone anywhere from the studio to the stage and back again.

  1. Only VST plugin left.
  2. Cut out the 32-bit version (the installers are quite different, so there is no way to combine the distribution for both versions)
  3. Removed the uninstaller
  4. Added a link to the folder with the program logs
  5. Added a link to the local state of the program (so as not to clog the Documents folder )
  6. (Optional) Added the ability to save the cache of the internal browser (CEF Subprocess) also in the folder with the plugin, see install.cmd

Installation and activation:

  1. Run install.cmd
  2. Install additional presets (optional): install the plugin (DO NOT RUN), run GlobalPresets.exe, select the unpack folder “Plugin installed folder\state_cache”.
    Attention: installation of additional presets is irreversible. To remove them, clear the contents of the state_cache folder (this will also remove any presets you have created yourself). It is also worth noting that there are a lot of presets, so the plugin may slow down when loading.
  3. If the presets are locked at startup, try adding these lines to the hosts file:

The code account.positivegrid.com api.positivegrid.com api.positivegrid.com.cn assets.positivegrid.com bias1.positivegrid.com dlcf.positivegrid.com pg-tonecloud-webapp.herokuapp.com store.positivegrid.com tonecloud.positivegrid.com tonecloud.positivegrid.com.cn

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