Lussive Audio – Rise & Fall Lab v1.0 (KONTAKT)


Lussive Audio – Rise & Fall Lab v1.0 (KONTAKT)

In the numerous workshops that A-lusion has held in recent years, he shared his recipe for creative upriser and downlifter sounds. Now this knowledge is embodied in the new Rise & Fall Lab, which comes in Noise Mode and Synth Mode.

• Rise & Fall lab in Noise and Synth Mode in two separate .nki Kontakt Sampler files.
• A total of 40 wavelet layer sounds and 10 custom replaceable layers are included.
• Including various types of noise such as white noise, brown noise, blue noise and sounds such as Sawtooth’s, Hypersaws, Space Noises, etc.
• All samples are also included as .WAV files, which also makes this product a sample pack.

• 2 different operating modes of the device.
• The default Noise Mode can be used to create noisy upward and downward vibrations.
• The Synth Mode can be used to create boosts and cuts based on the pitch movement of the oscillator sounds.
• In Noise Mode, the band pass filter control is the main control. In Synth Mode, the main controls are focused on the pitch of the sound.

Installing SNAPSHOTS (Presets)

Copy the “User Content” folder inside the SNAPSHOTS (Presets) folder and paste it to the location below.

C:\Users\\Documents\Native Instruments\

Users\\Documents\Native Instruments\

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