uJAM – Virtual Pianist Vogue VSTi, AAX x64


uJAM – Virtual Pianist Vogue VSTi, AAX x64

Dazzling, charismatic and irresistible. The piano is a prima donna among pop instruments! Like nothing else, he breathes grandiosity and glamor into any production. So important, so beautiful and so hard to master. Don’t worry anymore! Here comes Virtual Pianist VOGUE, the smart way to create realistic piano performances. Create stunning results while staying in the flow – no piano skills required.

• 30 styles with 180 phrases and 150 fills and fills.
• 30 finisher modes with multi-effects and 30 preset Ambience FX.
• Over 130 global presets for various applications.
• MIDI Drag & Drop, resizable user interface.

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