Toontrack – EZbass 1.1.6 Update STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x64


Toontrack – EZbass 1.1.6 Update STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x64

EZbass is a great-sounding virtual bass instrument with fundamental features to easily add bass to your tracks. The instrument promises the same level of convenience and flexibility, as well as sound quality and realism, found throughout the EZline line. The Virtual Bassist combines MIDI work with advanced bass writing skills in various styles of music.

The sample libraries support a variety of articulations, including legato, vibrato, slides, hammers and pools, harmonics, and more. EZbass has an integrated effects section, consisting of emulations of bass amps and cabinets, as well as stompboxes and rack effects.

There is also an extensive library of grooves. All MIDI parts are recorded with the highest attention to the nuances of performance. The grooves are divided by style, while the library engine adapts the grooves to the tone of the project.

Installation is possible on a “clean” system, or over a previously installed version.

Release notes for EZbass 1.1.6


The highest playable note has been increased to A4. The grid editor has grown but shows “Above highest playable note in library” if the current sound library does not have the increased range.


If the plug-in received MIDI while the window was being opened for the first time in a session, it could crash.
Receiving duplicate MIDI notes could cause a crash.
Loading a project at the same time as the host was changing the plug-in parameters could potentially cause a crash.
On Windows, changing to a larger GUI scale would briefly show some artifacts in the upper left corner.

Sound Engine

Slides would sometimes not translate correctly when recorded/imported, in cases with polyphonic notes before the slide.
When importing MIDI (or playing incoming MIDI) that contained a hammer-on or pull-off when several other notes were playing, some notes would sometimes erroneously be interpreted as hammer-on/pull-off.

Bass Tab

On Mac, string animations did not look quite right at 70% scale.

Grooves Tab

Fixed some cases where the “Clear All” button wasn’t hidden when no filters were active.
Setting the velocity slider to something other than 0 and selecting a different groove would make the filter always say “+127 Velocity.”

Song Track

Recording into an existing MIDI block would change the song part to Verse.
While recording, moving the playhead before the beginning of the red block would graphically start a new block instead of extending the existing one.
“Replace MIDI” and certain other operations could cause notes to be reset to the default articulation.
The “Auto-Scroll” and “Restrict Recording to Loop Area” settings were never saved in preferences.

Edit Play Style

Adjusting Amount for a chord could in some cases remove all notes from the other parts of the MIDI block.

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