SoundFingers – Le Skank v1.2.3 VSTi3, AU WIN.OSX x64


SoundFingers – Le Skank v1.2.3 VSTi3, AU WIN.OSX x64

Unique Reggae Guitar Rhythm: Le Skank is a powerful instrument designed to bring you the real reggae rhythm guitar sound. Multi-sampled chords and a unique scankin engine specifically built for maximum flexibility.

Guitar Skunk:

The guitar skunk, also known as the “guitar chop”, is an important part of reggae and dub music. Because of its playing technique, this particular guitar sound is often difficult to achieve with plug-ins, even some modern ones. If you’re not a guitar player, chances are you’ll never get the right sound… and if you’re a guitar player, it’s always nice to have a tool to bring your ideas to life quickly. That’s why I created Le Skank.

Complete Solution:

Le Skank has all the tools and options you need to create and play great guitar tones. Start by selecting the guitar pickup of your choice, the overall tone of the amp and cabinet, and fine-tune your sound with the filter and included effects. No other plugin is needed.


Despite the number of options available, you can still achieve a great tone just by tweaking a few controls, and you can also take advantage of the preset collection. The tool contains 50 factory presets to help you get started.

• Play real reggae guitar chords in your DAW.
• 2 different pickups.
• Neck, mid and bridge positions for each pickup.
• Switches for major/minor chords and rhythm keys.
• Amplifier controls and 12 different cabinets.
• Filter section with LP, BP, HP and FX filters.
• Insert an effects rack with Transient Master, Chorus, Phaser and EQ.
• Delay effect.
• Reverb effect with over 20 different IR reverbs.
• 40+ presets.

Ever Free


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