Sonus Paradisi – Cembalo Ruckers Model (HAUPTWERK)


Sonus Paradisi – Cembalo Ruckers Model (HAUPTWERK)

Two manual The cymbals were built according to the model of John Rückers of 1624, which is kept in the Musée Unterlinden (previously owned by the de Sade family and kept in the castle of Condé, Condé-en-Brie).
The Flemish dulcimer has a solid construction, colorful tone with rich resonance. Flemish craftsmen appear to have been the first to build double-manual harpsichords after 1600. The Rückers workshop is credited with producing probably the most advanced harpsichords, and even today it is the benchmark for harpsichordists and harpsichord makers.

Copy the OrganDefinitions and OrganInstallationPackages folders to the Hauptwerk\HauptwerkSampleSetsAndComponents folder,
or select this folder for downloading the distribution (as the destination folder!) to avoid copying

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