Impact Soundworks – Charisma Volume 1 (KONTAKT)

Impact Soundworks – Charisma Volume 1 (KONTAKT)

Immerse yourself in bold cinematic experiences with Charisma Volume 1, featuring over a hundred ready-to-use versatile vocal phrases. Offering transcendentally beautiful recordings in multiple keys, phrases are easily searchable to quickly infuse your project with color and personality. Written and performed by Elizabeth Jaroff, opera singer and founder of The Charismatic Voice YouTube channel.

Opera singer and vocal coach Elisabeth Jaroff approaches every genre and style of singing with enthusiasm and infectious joie de vivre. We were immediately drawn to her pursuit of science-based emotional impact through singing: a deep insight into the connections between body, brain and voice. To that end, we’ve co-created a library of vocal phrases on a wide variety of topics to bring that uplifting energy to projects of all kinds.

Emphasizing memorable sound and ease of use, Charisma Volume 1 features 111 wordless phrases in the following categories:

• Arabian Nights
• Classic Elegance
• Climate Drama
• Epic Trailer
• Horror
• In Fear
• Calm
• Mournful • High
• Verismo

Each phrase has been recorded in four keys for maximum versatility and can be searched by functional parameters (such as tempo, vowel and key) to give you the easiest access to the sound you are looking for: select your mood, key and meter, and you will have a perfect line in seconds. In addition to phrases, the library features single note samples to flesh out melodic lines with added flexibility, including the vowels “Ah” and “Oo” with slight and strong vibrato on two speakers. Also included are 15 playable atmospheric sounds that turn Elizabeth’s voice into hybrid sound design elements.

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