e-phonic – E-Phonic Invader 2 v1.0.10 VSTi3 x64


e-phonic – E-Phonic Invader 2 v1.0.10 VSTi3 x64

Invader 2 – 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer. It was designed to be easy to program while still offering a wide range of sounds and features.

• Button-by-function interface: what you see is what you get.
• 2 Oscillators + 1 Auxiliary Oscillator (Three, Saw, Pulse, Sync, Saw Sync, Saw to Pulse)
• Polyphonic stereo unison with additional low CPU usage unison emulation mode (up to 48 voices)
• 3 types of resonant low-pass filters (clean low pass filter, unprocessed low pass filter and bandpass filter)
• Filter drive or high pass option
• Stereo noise generator
• Ring modulation
• 2 LFOs with delay function
• 2 envelopes
• Delay effect with normal, ping pong, tape and diffuse delay modes
• Arpeggiator / 16-step sequencer
• 4x oversampling engine
• Medium and high quality modes
• 200+ presets

Read the installation note carefully.
Everything is there, you can guess where, what to shove into folders.
And do not forget after launching EPhonic_KeyGen, select E-Phonic – Invader 2 and enter your name in the field.

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