BLEASS – Monolit v1.1.0 VSTi3, AAX x64


BLEASS – Monolit v1.1.0 VSTi3, AAX x64

BLEASS Monolit combines the rich analog sound and intuitive ease of use of BLEASS Alpha with the creative expressiveness of BLEASS Omega. The result is a compact, efficient monophonic synthesizer designed specifically for thundering basses, searing leads, sparkling arpeggios and otherworldly sound effects.

• Place BLEASS Monolit.vst3 in the VST3 folder.
• Place BLEASS Monolit.aaxplugin in the AAX folder.

BLEASS Emulator

• The BLEASS Emulator provides full emulation of
server activation • without running a web server. Everything you need fixed
• BLEASS application to load our BLSSEMU.dll instead of
• the original WININET.dll.

• Simply login with the following information:
• Email: (any email you want to use)
• Serial number: R2R-MAIN
• If you want to activate additional presets, login with:
• Email: (any email, you want to use)
• Serial number: R2R-EXT


• BLSSEMU.dll should be placed in the C:\Windows\System32\ folder.
• If you can’t find it, doubt your antivirus.
• It is signed with an R2R certificate.


• v1.0.0 – Initial release

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