BLEASS – Compressor v1.0.1 VST3, AAX x64


BLEASS – Compressor v1.0.1 VST3, AAX x64

Controlling the dynamics of your parts and recordings is an important step towards a professional-sounding mix. With BLEASS Compressor’s high performance and intuitive user interface, such professional dynamics control has never been easier.

The flexible dynamic engine of BLEASS Compressor makes it the perfect choice for many different situations. With compression ratios up to 60:1, variable knee and flexible attack and release stages, the BLEASS Compressor can provide a wide range of different response characteristics.

The plug-in’s flexibility is further enhanced by a powerful dual filter that works on the analyzed signal, providing both low-pass and high-pass filtering. The filters work with both internal and side signals, and are also resonant, making it easy to create dynamic effects that are highly frequency dependent.

Despite its versatility and power, the BLEASS Compressor is easy to set up and operate. Compression and filtering curves are set using tactile graphical widgets, while you get constant, easy-to-read visual feedback on how the plugin works.

Perhaps best of all, the BLEASS Compressor is ultra-efficient, so you can turn its intuitive dynamics control into any part that needs it.

Place BLEASS Compressor.vst3 in the VST3 folder.
Place BLEASS Compressor.aaxplugin in the AAX folder.

BLEASS Emulator

• The BLEASS Emulator provides complete emulation of
server activation • without running a web server. Everything you need is fixed
• BLEASS application to load our BLSSEMU.dll instead of
• the original WININET.dll.


• Simply login with the following information:
• Email: (any email you want to use)
• Serial number: R2R-MAIN
• If you want to activate additional presets, login with:
• Email: (any email, you want to use)
• Serial number: R2R-EXT


• BLSSEMU.dll should be placed in the C:\Windows\System32\ folder.
• If you can’t find it, doubt your antivirus.
• It is signed with an R2R certificate.


• v1.0.0 – Initial release

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