iZotope – Ozone 10 Advanced v10.1.1 VST3, AAX x64


iZotope – Ozone 10 Advanced v10.1.1 VST3, AAX x64

Building on a 17-year legacy, Ozone brings balance to your music with the latest in machine learning for audio mastering. The choice of professional mastering studios worldwide, Ozone Pro provides the ultimate polish that makes your music dynamic, colorful and competitive in any genre.

Stabilizer Module – Create a balanced sound with this new intelligent and adaptive mastering EQ: dynamically shape your mix into a clean, natural tone or tame problematic resonance, remove harshness and smooth out transients for better transposition in a variety of listening environments (advanced users only).

Impact Module – Enhance the beat and feel of your tracks with this new module by intuitively controlling micro-dynamics: four sliders work across different frequency ranges to breathe life into a mix, add punch and dynamic space, or glue a track together for a tighter sound (Advanced only)

Improved Master Assistant – Compare your sound to proven reference files or today’s hits with revolutionary new tone, dynamics and width matching technology. An updated assistant view lets you set your starting point faster than ever, and a tonal balance curve makes it easy to measure (included in standard and advanced versions).

Magnify Soft Clip – Turn up the volume while maintaining high sound quality with this new setting in the Maximizer module (included in standard and advanced versions).

Recover Sides – Reduce width without losing sides with this new feature in the Imager module that preserves stereo information in mono and helps preserve depth and power while narrowing problematic frequencies (included in standard and extended versions).

And much more, including built-in support for Apple Silicon, as well as a redesigned Ozone interface.

Version 10.1.1 released October 14, 2022

Updates and improvements

Wizard Assistant now creates custom stabilizer tonal balance targets from reference files.
Note: Only newly created targets will have custom stabilizer targets.
The Master Assistant will not attempt to expand the bass band if the source is very narrow.
The Global Amount controls in the Equalizer and Imager modules now support host automation.
TBC indicator labels no longer change color.
Improved tooltips for the two Gain Match modes depending on which one is active.
Reduced the hover area for highlighting the band gain curve in the Impact module.
Removed unnecessary Plug-in Host options in General Options.
Bug Fix:
Fixed an issue where the “Offset Gain” control for the Imager’s recovery sides was not properly configured in Pro Tools.
Fixed an issue where “Delta” or “Band Solo” would cause unexpected gain changes when Modern Gain Match was active.
Fixed an issue where the “Target Library” wizard would not scroll to the position of the selected target.
Fixed the general option “Dim controls when walking” not being disabled.
Fixed an issue where changes made to Vintage module controls were not showing up in Ozone’s undo history.
Fixed an issue where the module’s “New Preset” button might not work properly in certain circumstances.
Fixed a crash that could occur if Master Assistant was launched without proper access to the required resource files.
Fixed a crash that could occur when loading an audio file with no sound as a custom Assistant target.
Fixed a crash that could occur when selecting the detail view tab in the “chaining” step of the helper.
Fixed a crash that could occur when using the tab key to switch focus between controls in the equalizer module HUD.


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